Tips for getting work

It is rare for a freelancer to start working as a GhostWriter without first writing their own books or writing blog articles. In most cases GhostWriter gets the first jobs through blogs. Sites like or Elance are central to getting your first projects. In addition, building a blog or portfolio is also essential as there are clients who only accept freelance jobs that have some demonstration of their writing.

The second (and most effective) way of getting called into GhostWriter’s work is by making proactive proposals. This type of strategy works much better for writing books, for example. The best way to do this is to look for entrepreneurs with greater financial power and who need to invest in the publication of the book itself. If you want to know more tips on how to get your first customers, it is best to read this article where we talk about how to get the first customer while freelancing.

“Kelly James-Enger, one of the top experts on Ghost Writing, explained in an article that ‘it is necessary for the freelancer to define an area of expertise’. In her case, fitness and health are areas where she usually has some difficulty in getting new projects, since she already has several books published on the theme “

However, it is often also necessary to let the market decide what your area of expertise is. At the beginning it may be a good strategy to let the projects done with clients define what you are going to write.

Imagine that you intend to specialize on game reviews. However, proposals for writing entrepreneurship books begin to appear. As long as it is an area where you feel comfortable and you enjoy it, there is no problem getting out of your initial goal.


The fact that freela can not write with his name raises several problems, the main thing is that he will be transmitting the opinion of another person in an indirect way. Incorrect or poorly studied information can bring numerous problems to the customer. To avoid such situations, a good conversation before starting the project is something quite advisable. Find out:

What support materials you will have.

How will you contact the customer and what is the best time to talk to them.

Whether the project will be written 100% by you – in the case of a book – or if a part will be written by the client.

From how much in how much time you will have to send samples of your work.

All this work will also help you set the final price of your project. A client who shares all of the information with you will surely be cheaper than a client that compels you to do interviews (not just him but also other people).

To deepen your knowledge on this topic, read our article on how to set prices for freelance services

In addition, you also need to know how much and how to charge. Normally, there are three options:

For the complete project

By word

By Page

To get some ideas of the values, let’s look again at the study by Writer’s Digest:

“The research found that the values range from $ 10,000 to $ 50,000 for books that have between 50 and 70,000 words. This table was applied to both fiction and non-fiction books “

If we are talking about a project of a book, the most advisable thing is that the freela makes a contract, since they are very high values. In the contract must be very explicit what each one will do, the deadlines that will be made the payments or who will get the copyright of the book, in most cases the rights are delivered to the customer. In addition, it is also necessary to make it very clear whether you are working as GhostWriter or as a co-author.

Tip: Make it clear what will happen in case one of you leaves the project at any time. Do not forget to preserve your rights!


Since there are two different possibilities here for GhostWriter (book or article writing), let’s briefly explain how both situations should begin.

Writing a book

Your first step will be to do a short summary of the book, describing the purpose, indicating the chapters, and how long each step should take. Make it clear that this is just an outline and that small changes can take place throughout the process. As you are “getting into someone’s head,” it is essential that you are constantly in contact for the first few weeks. Also make this clear to the customer.

Tip: Use Microsoft Word Track Changes to find out what your customer has changed in the texts you submit.

Also, try to understand the “voice” of the customer. Are there phrases he uses constantly? Does he speak shorter or more complex sentences? If he provides some kind of written material use this as a guide.

Writing texts

Writing text is much simpler than writing a book, since many of them are about specific topics and therefore the “voice” of the client is not so decisive. In the first place you need to clarify with him how the texts will be delivered. If you do it directly on the website or it is sent in a word document.

Afterwards, define the formatting of the articles well, in order to give the client as little work as possible. Another important detail is the constant monitoring, as with writing books.

Tip: Problems impair the relationship between the self-employed and the client. Try to be rigorous in that detail! To know more about this topic take a look at this post.

Once you have the texts written, try to get the customer feedback. You need to be able to understand what he wants to do as quickly as possible.